Frank Pasquale on Aeon

Algorithms are producing profiles of you. What do they say? You probably don’t have the right to know

Aeon has an extended piece by Black Box Society author Frank Pasquale where he describes not a future where algorithmic bias negatively impacts society, but a rather present where this already happens:

Job applicants at Walmart in the US and other large companies take mysterious ‘personality tests’, which process their responses in undisclosed ways. And white-collar workers face CV-sorting software that may understate, or entirely ignore, their qualifications.

The CEO of ZestFinance has proudly stated that ‘all data is credit data’ – that is, predictive analytics can take virtually any scrap of information about a person, analyse whether it corresponds to a characteristic of known-to-be-creditworthy people, and extrapolate accordingly. Such data might include sexual orientation or political views.


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